Top 6 Popular Spots in The UK for A Photographer and Tourist

United Kingdom is one of the enthralling country across the world for the tourists. The best time to visit United Kingdom is mainly during the summers, especially when the days of summers have just began, because it is the time when the temperature ranges between 14°C to 25°C making it idol destination for tourists to enjoy bunch of activities varying from visiting adventurous sports to sightseeing of beautiful places to shopping in the streets to dinning and drinking in renowned hotels and restaurants.

But, apart from this there are lots of attractions hidden in the arms of the UK which are highly recommended to the visitors. So, why not let us also have a glimpse of those places and make the list of the popular tourist spots in the UK before planning our next vacation to visit this fascinating country. The worth mentioning feature of these tourist destinations is that they not only important from the historical prospect but also considered as the best for photography by visitors willing to capture pictures of beautiful places while visiting any new place.

1. Callanish Stones

Like any other stones, these are also common stones, but the thing which differentiates them from other stones is their design and architecture, which makes them the best choice for photographers. Literally you had seen stones fallen on land but interesting thing about these stones is their monolith style. Developed during the late years of Neolithic Era, these stones were mainly used for ritual activities during the period of Bronze Age. There are overall thirteen stones staying in a circle with a huge stone positioned in the centre.

2. Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools can be considered as the paradise for the persons who are passionate about the nature photography. Located on the Isle of Sky in Scotland, the fairy pools as the name suggests has the abundance of natural waterfalls. The mixture of blues and green create a mesmerizing illusion that nobody can stop himself from clicking the flash light of his camera. Not only this, if you consider yourself as an expert swimmer then it is the best destination for you to test your diving skills. Along with this, you also have a privilege of capturing the pictures of red deer, sheep, rabbits, and plethora of birds and animals.

3. Natural History Museum

If you are a person who is keen to know about the development of human civilization then this museum can be regarded as the best place to satisfy your different queries related with growth human from stone age to current generation. Visiting this museum will offer you an opportunity to witness the historical records animals, ecosystem, fungi, plants, climatology, geology, paleontology etc. The main objective of this museum is to benefit the students pursuing research in natural history.

4. Dark Hedges

Consisting of more than huge trees that more than 200 years old, Dark Hedges are considered as the best roads trips in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The fleet of trees were planted in the eighteenth century by Stuart Family with an objective to fascinate the visitors coming to Georgian mansion. The beauty of this place can be understood from the fact that apart from being the best place for photo capturing it is also used for shooting of Game of Thrones, the HBO’s epic series.

5. Tower Bridge

Constructed during 1886-1894, the Tower Bridge is the perfect combination of bascule and suspension system. Developed on the shores of River Thames, the Tower Bridge has become the replica of London. The best time to visit the beauty of this iconic bridge is evening when the lights of surrounding sparkle in the water leaving an impression of another bridge constructed inside the water.

6. The Lake District

Also recognized as the Lakeland, the place is best destination for the people who prefer to live in the arms of nature. Surrounded by the range of mountains the place has abundance of forests, lakes and mountains making it a soothing holiday package for nature loves. The worth mentioning feature of this place is Scafell Pike which is the highest mountain in England.